Woo finally I got some stuff done
So last week other than my birthday I took the week off work to get seriously stuck in on the car. The end result was getting all the brake pipes replaced with nice shiny new ones!

I did have a few set backs on the way including not being able to undo the nuts on the pipes, having to remove the centre section of the exhaust, not being able to undo the bolts on the exhaust without cutting them in half and then not being able to tighten up the new bolts tight enough without help and not being able to bleed the brakes properly.

New brake pipes were £100
Various parts for putting the car back together were £125

Sadly after putting the car back together I ran like crap and would only run on 2 cylinders at first but eventually fired up on all 4 but sounding very very rough so being about 7pm on Thursday and pitch black I gave up on it and took Friday to just chill out and try and remove the large amounts of crap from myself.

Saturday I ventured off to the lovely sunny land of Falmouth to see that there Face. The sun was shining, snow was encountered on the way but I emerged the other side into the sunshine again and arrived just in time for lunch....and beer. It was good to have a change of scenery and catch up. Now I just need to decide which County I'm going to venture off to next.

On the way back from Falmouth I had another poke at the car and found out it was running rough due to a loose bolt in the intake manifold and it was almost out of petrol so I put some more in and re-tightened all the bolts and it was running absolutely fine again. Next step is either finish the rest of the brake system or start work on the fuel system was only has a matter of time before the feed pipe rusts away and the nice pressurised petrol pisses out all over the place.

Well a quick blabbering about crap on here can't hurt. I think I will show my current lazy state by using bullet points, just think of it as a mental splurge powerpoint presentation.

  • First week back at work and my sleep pattern is somewhere towards normal now
  • Car part I ordered on the 29th of December has still not turned up due to ordering just before new years and after that it snowed like a bugger so still no post.
  • Not sure whether I'm going to get to have a fettle with the car tomorrow due to crappy conditions and fear of losing my fingers working in a freezing garage with no heating.
  • Most of my week has consisted of shooting zombies.
And now for a quick rant.

Had to drive in the snow on Tuesday evening and it still amazes me the amount of people wheelspinning about and then braking for roundabouts and such in their normal matter completely forgetting that they're on ice. It's not hard is it? Just pull away gently with plenty of clutch, if that still doesn't work pull off in 2nd gear and when you need to come to a stop just let the car gradually slow down itself well in advance and only use the brakes when you are nearly stopped.

I'm getting fecked off by the fact that nobody behind the wheel of a car here seems to have a brain. A Mondeo almost slid out of a side road right infront of me due to the driver being too thick to realise that he was on ice, he then proceeds to boot it once on the non icey road and tailgate me. Firstly you're a prick for almost causing an accident and then not realising that everything surrounding the road is covered in snow and the fact the temperature still hasn't risen above freezing means there's a chuffing good chance that there will be some ice on the road and as it's dark you won't bloody see it! So if you can't stop for a cocking main road that you know you're about to get to what chance do you have of stopping if I have to brake and you're about a foot away from my cocking bumper. I've been caught out by an icy corner before in the dark when the rest of the road seemed clear and you're left with sod all control over the car, you just become a passenger until you're bouncing off the hedge. Drive slower, it's much more pleasant then pulling bits of hedge out of your car before limping home.

......and I'm done.

The Porsche 944 story so far.
Thought I'd make a post about the story so far on my Porsche.
Boring car geek rambling and pictures follow...Collapse )

Still not sold the old car
Starting to get a bit fed up with this selling a car lark. Found out that the reason why I had to fill up the washer fluid so often was not because I had used a load of it but because it was basically pissing out of the bottom of the reservoir, happy days.

So two greasy hands later, a semi dismantled headlight and a few relocated power steering parts later and it turns out that I must have nudged the pump whilst I was rebuilding the front bumper and it was sealing properly in its nice dirty seal. A quick clean up and a rebuild and it hasn't lost any fluid for the last several hours so fingers crossed that it's fixed now.

Got a phone call today about somebody interested in buying his car for his girlfriend and he would call me back once I'd finished work...he never did, balls.

Getting rather fed up with this as the money I spent on the car to be able to sell it has meant that I'm pretty much making sod all on the sale of the car, £200 of it has gone into lining Gordon Brown's already very beautifully lined pocket. I'll try not to go into my thoughts on him or I'll be here forever.

Onto tomorrow in the hope that I'll get a phone call wanting to buy the car and actually be serious about it, so far not one single person has come to see it.

It seem I have returned
Well here I am again. I shall attempt to start what I attempted to do on blogger and failed due to laziness. The plan is to keep a record of progress on the Porsche from here until it getting onto the road (and perhaps beyond).

Let's hope I don't get distracted by shiny objects this time.


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