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The Porsche 944 story so far.
Thought I'd make a post about the story so far on my Porsche.

Last year whilst sat in the office staring at some mind numbing task I got a phone call from my Mum. First thing she says is "Hello, do you want a Porsche?" Me thinking she'd either heard of some competition to win a 911/Boxster said "uhh, yeah why not" also wondering if she'd been drinking, sat out in the sun too long or had just gone plain mental. She soon filled me on the story and it turned out that she was not mental/drunk or whatever but had somehow managed to stumble into a conversation that involved me getting a free project car.

So the story is that my Parent's neighbour's son wanted to own a Porsche when he was 25 so he went out and bought this 944 which was a bit cheap and needed some work doing to it which he intended to do up with his Dad. Sadly his Dad passed away and he moved away to London and the car sat dormant in his Mum's (my Parent's neighbour) garage.

So my Mum is talking to her neighbour and she mentions that I like doing up cars and from that the conversation strays onto the 944. Turns out that she was getting fed up of the car taking up her garage and as she'd just bought a nice new car she wanted to keep it in her garage. The owner of the Porsche now earning enough money to buy a fully working Porsche just tells her to scrap it but instead of that it gets offered to me as it seemed a waste to destroy it.

So from what I can tell this car has been sat there since 2000 not moving which was reinforced by the fact the car refused to move despite the fact that the handbrake had been left off all this time. After a healthy dose of WD40 and dismantling of the offside front brake caliper the car was moving although not freely. After that it was just a case of hooking it up to my Dad's 4x4 and towing it home (neighbours aren't that close in the middle of nowhere).

Here are some pics of after I picked it up and gave it a clean up.

So after the cleanup the potential of the car managed to shine through as the bodywork and chassis are fairly tidy just the mechanicals need an overhaul. The first issue to overcome was the fact that all the brakes were seized up making the car hard to push about (as the engine didn't run) so I stripped them down and rebuilt them in order to get the wheel to turn freely.

The rear brakes were so rusted that I need to saw through the retaining pins and remove the rest using a vice before I could get anywhere near the pistons. So far no seals have been replaced as this was just to get the brakes moving again and so far I'm unsure whether the calipers can be saved or if they're going to have to be replaced due to internal rust.

Shortly after getting the brakes running freely I traced the fact the engine wouldn't start to the fact the fuel pump was dead and after finding out the price of a replacement I decided it would be best to strip the old one apart and try and breathe some life into it until I found out how healthy the engine was. The problem with this plan of action is that these pumps were never meant to be opened and serviced, a quick attack with a hammer and chisel however and I was inside. After inspecting all the internals it turned out it was something simple as some crap had formed at the base of the pump mechanism and had jammed it solid so after getting it turning freely I rebuilt it, put some fresh fuel into the tank, hotwired the ignition and after a lot of wheezing and spluttering the engine fired up.

After a while of the engine revving up and down and stalling a couple of times it managed to flush all of the old rubbish out of cylinders and fuel lines and it was running smoothly if a bit smokey. A few more runs in the weeks after this has seen the engine relatively smokeless and smooth. I've since been informed that the smoke is most likely just condensation in the exhaust.

So that is pretty much the state that the car currently is in despite being significantly cleaner and a few minor things done hear and there. Next job on the list is to finish off overhauling the fuel system and then continue on to replace all of the brake lines and sort out the calipers.

I shall leave on some updated pictures of the car.


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