Woo finally I got some stuff done
So last week other than my birthday I took the week off work to get seriously stuck in on the car. The end result was getting all the brake pipes replaced with nice shiny new ones!

I did have a few set backs on the way including not being able to undo the nuts on the pipes, having to remove the centre section of the exhaust, not being able to undo the bolts on the exhaust without cutting them in half and then not being able to tighten up the new bolts tight enough without help and not being able to bleed the brakes properly.

New brake pipes were £100
Various parts for putting the car back together were £125

Sadly after putting the car back together I ran like crap and would only run on 2 cylinders at first but eventually fired up on all 4 but sounding very very rough so being about 7pm on Thursday and pitch black I gave up on it and took Friday to just chill out and try and remove the large amounts of crap from myself.

Saturday I ventured off to the lovely sunny land of Falmouth to see that there Face. The sun was shining, snow was encountered on the way but I emerged the other side into the sunshine again and arrived just in time for lunch....and beer. It was good to have a change of scenery and catch up. Now I just need to decide which County I'm going to venture off to next.

On the way back from Falmouth I had another poke at the car and found out it was running rough due to a loose bolt in the intake manifold and it was almost out of petrol so I put some more in and re-tightened all the bolts and it was running absolutely fine again. Next step is either finish the rest of the brake system or start work on the fuel system was only has a matter of time before the feed pipe rusts away and the nice pressurised petrol pisses out all over the place.


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