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Still not sold the old car
Starting to get a bit fed up with this selling a car lark. Found out that the reason why I had to fill up the washer fluid so often was not because I had used a load of it but because it was basically pissing out of the bottom of the reservoir, happy days.

So two greasy hands later, a semi dismantled headlight and a few relocated power steering parts later and it turns out that I must have nudged the pump whilst I was rebuilding the front bumper and it was sealing properly in its nice dirty seal. A quick clean up and a rebuild and it hasn't lost any fluid for the last several hours so fingers crossed that it's fixed now.

Got a phone call today about somebody interested in buying his car for his girlfriend and he would call me back once I'd finished work...he never did, balls.

Getting rather fed up with this as the money I spent on the car to be able to sell it has meant that I'm pretty much making sod all on the sale of the car, £200 of it has gone into lining Gordon Brown's already very beautifully lined pocket. I'll try not to go into my thoughts on him or I'll be here forever.

Onto tomorrow in the hope that I'll get a phone call wanting to buy the car and actually be serious about it, so far not one single person has come to see it.


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